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Jake Sperley


Fair and Event is now Fusion with Expanded Solutions

White-label event solutions company expands offerings in booth based events and venues

Portland, OR: Today, Fair and Event announces its rebrand to Fusion and launch of its white-label software solutions suite for event centers and booth based events. After starting as an exhibitor management software for county fairs, Fusion has rapidly grew its industry client base with event centers, expos, trade shows, tasting events and festivals while expanding it’s solution offerings with white-label websites and ticketing, cashless payments, RFID, and floor plan mapping.

On the recent rebrand and expansion of solutions, Fusion CEO Jake Sperley stated “It’s an exciting opportunity for Fusion to further expand our presence in the booth based event and venue markets. Having been a booth based event manager myself, it’s great to see us solve so many problems I once had. The feedback has already been phenomenal, with increased event profitability and venues adding immense value.”

Fusion’s eyes are set to be the go-to solution for event centers and booth based events to increase profitability and value.

Fusion CTO Brandon Jones follows up with “We’re excited to put organizers and venue operators back in control of the software they use. For us at Fusion, it’s about YOUR branding, YOUR website domain, owning YOUR data, connecting YOU with YOUR customers, and empowering YOU to regain control, increase profitability, and add value with our robust software solutions.”

The changes were sparked by Fusion’s client base growing beyond fairs and events. While the expansion of solutions is to provide the booth based events and venue sectors a complete software solution under one roof.

About Fusion: Fusion is a white-label software solution company based in Portland, OR and Lethbridge, AB. Fusion helps booth based events and venues increase profitability and value with integrated ticketing + websites, cashless RFID, booth management, and floor-plans.