If you want to know how to use cashless for food and beverage events, you’ve come to the right place.

Most tasting events utilize a token system where guests buy tokens and exchange tokens for samples or whole servings. Other tasting events simply use a a dollar for dollar exchange to purchase various food and beverage items.

There’s usually a few problems with both methods:

  • It can take days to count all of the tokens
  • Inaccurate reporting with lost tokens
  • Counting tokens during each transaction can increase lines
  • No data on hot selling items, booth sales, or consumer trends
  • Tokens can be clunky for guests to carry around

There’s a better way through cashless RFID

That’s A Wrap!

Implementing cashless for food and beverage events could be a wise investment with many great benefits. Enjoy potential increase in consumer spending, reduction in staffing costs, and an enhanced attendee experience.

Looking for a cashless event solution? Fusion Cashless is our in-house solution!

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