How do you charge your vendors and exhibitors at your event?

If you’re like most events you charge a standard flat rate fee based on their booth size and call it a day.

But how much money are you leaving on the table by doing it this way?

Let’s dive into the conversation on if you should be charging your vendors and exhibitors a commission.

We must first preface this article by saying that I’ve been both a vendor AND a vendor coordinator/event producer.

During my time as a vendor, I never cared for commission-based shows but knew those were the ones I’d make the most money at.

As a vendor coordinator, it pushed me to provide more value to my vendors and exhibitors to drive their sales up.

If you’re reading this, you probably run a show that has booths at it. Tradeshow, Expo, Festival, County Fair, whatever the event might be we can determine the price the same way.

Let’s break this down into 5 easy steps so you can make the best decision for your event.

– ❤️  Your Fusion Team