So you have a list of vendors for your event and you’re losing your mind trying to manage them?

Event vendor management software could be the answer to saving you mass amounts of time and increasing your sales.

So let’s answer the question, where to get event vendor management software!

Why use event vendor management software?

Is an event vendor management software right for my event?

It’s not for every event, but it certainly is built to handle small events from 5 booths up to large events with 2,000+ booths.

You must ask yourself a few questions here:

  1. Would it be nice to increase my revenue?
  2. Could I use more time in my day?
  3. Do I want to provide a better experience to my attendees and vendors?
  4. What’s in an event vendor management software?

Key Features

There are several companies that offer event management software each one offering various different features. What you should be looking for are the features that will make your life easier specific to your needs.

Things To Avoid:

Often times event organizers want white-labeled solutions for a perfectly branded experience, but is that hurting the experience for other stakeholders at your event?

Does an exhibitor really need one more login to remember for your unique event portal?

While there is a list of things to look for in a solution, there’s also a list of things you should avoid in a solution.

If you’re looking for an event vendor management software, Fusion Manager could be the answer!

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