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Save up to 48% of your time, reduce headache with a central management hub, build floor plans that drive ROI

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Complete Management Suite

Review forms, manage documents, manage payments, booth assignments, track sales, and integrated messaging. A CRM for your booth and sponsorship sales!

event vendor management software
how to create a floorplan for your event

Interactive Floor Plan Builder

Layout your event to scale, interchange objects to optimize your floor space and build floor plans. Create scaleable booth layouts, understand what utilities are in each booth, assign businesses to booths, and show your attendees where businesses are located before they arrive.

Send Forms and Contracts

Send a contract or form for signature after reviewing their submission, collect information, e-signatures, and keep it highly organized.

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Attendee Map

Increase the experience and add value to your attendees! Searchable floor plans, custom vendor profiles, and interactive functions make for a great experience for your attendees and to drive revenue to your booths.

Why Fusion?

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“This software has made my life significantly less stressful and worrisome” – Andrew H.

“My experience with Fusion has been incredible, their team has worked endlessly multiple times to help me in various situations that were of the upmost importance to me and they truly took care of it with the same level of priority.” -Rigoberto S.

“Unlike some platforms we’ve used in the past, we really feel like the team at Fusion listen to customer feedback and are always striving to add innovative new features to benefit everyone.” -Adam M.

“I found them an excellent team to work with.” -William M.

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